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Digital engineering relates to conventional one in the same way as modern programming languages to Assembler (1951) based on the machine code instructions.

Crenger is a tantalizing glimpse into the future of engineering where the engineer creates and the machine implements, where unleashed creativity and imagination drive inspiration.

Crenger is a digital infrastructure for the online execution of desalination megaprojects. It covers bidding, engineering, detail design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and operation & maintenance. It turns bids into digital twins.

Crenger automates & digitizes business processes, adding ultimate transparency, 10X speed & quality. As a business platform, Crenger has 10X more time to engage employees than any off-work networks and to start eAd & eCommerce.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEM) Crenger creates hyper-connection to tenders, bids, and business requirements tracking.

Crenger extends far beyond the compound business space of such product groups as CAD P&ID, PLM, ERP, Project Manager, and business process management (BPM). "Crengineering" describes the step-by-step disruption of conventional project engineering and management.

It takes only 50 work hours to prepare the FEED package, full plant wiring, time schedule, technical and commercial offers for projects over $US 100 million. It takes no time to issue RFQs and prepare all purchase packages and orders.

download crenger platform Operation & Maintenance Digital Twin is now part of the FEED scope.

Download the technology executive summary.

Crenger in Action

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How Auto- is Crenger?

  • Auto-generation of process flow diagram (PFD)
  • Auto-selection of construction materials
  • Auto-sizing of piping, valves and tanks
  • Auto-selection of pumps, motors, VSDs, MCCs, transformers
  • Auto-generation of barcodes and nameplates
  • Auto-creation of safety alarms and interlocks
  • Auto-scaling of subsystems and components
  • Auto-auditing of project design and engineering
  • Auto-generation of one-line diagram
  • Auto-sizing of power and instrumentation cables and glands
  • Auto-generation of subsystem functional states
  • Auto-sizing of PLC racks and I/O cards
  • Auto-wiring
  • Auto-scheduling
  • Auto-costing
  • Auto-generation of payment schedules
  • Auto-generation of S-curve
  • Auto-generation of reliability block diagram
  • Auto-generation of reliability study report
  • Auto-generation of project technical offer
  • Auto-generation of project commercial offer
  • Auto-generation of noise emission map
  • Auto-generation of spare parts stock
  • Auto-generation of spare items stock
  • Auto-generation of documentation submittals schedule
  • Auto-generation of equipment inspections and test plans
  • Auto-generation of commissioning checkpoints and test forms
  • Auto-generation of procured equipment datasheets
  • Auto-generation of BOM, purchase packages, and orders
  • Auto-notification of equipment suppliers
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