Every second desalination megaproject ends up with costs overruns of up to 30% and delays of up to 6 months. It is explained by a number of reasons.

  • Rise in project complexity and associated risks
  • Lack of resources and skills to analyze Big Data growing exponentially
  • Scarcity of software tools wrapped in high volume of manual processes
  • No integrated, real-time project reporting

These challenges are addressed by PlantDesigner Platform providing ultimate document-to-data conversion, data transparency and integration combined with business automation. These factors boost production rates and the product quality to the levels much higher (by a factor of 10-50) than the ones envisioned within the frame of conventional technologies.

To master PlantDesigner is not easy as it totally disrupts the conventional practice of projects execution. This collection of articles explains what points form the core of the Crenger development.


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