A dialog from not a distant future.

Hi Crenger,

I just finished preparing a Piping and Instrumentation Diagram and sizing the equipment. Can you review my work?

60 seconds later. Your P&D has 300 inaccuracies and 3 blunders. Do not worry. I already fixed them all according to the best engineering practices. In addition, I have built the project schedule and made the cost estimation and I notified the equipment manufacturers about the requested equipment characteristics. I messaged the subcontractors to review the pre-qualification questionnaire. Now I am in the middle of selecting the best engineering team for the project execution.

By the way, I checked your qualifications, and, honestly, you are not the first on my list; keeping you in the project makes it too risky. How are you going to upgrade yourself?

This collection of articles explains how to get there.

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