project phases

Any water infrastructure project may be staged into Engineering, Detail Design, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Operation. To execute a project, its team shall at least include 4 distinct entities.

  1. Process Engineering (PE)
  2. Control and Instrumentation and Electricals (CI&E)
  3. Mechanical Design (MD)
  4. Project Management, Procurement and Quality Assurance (PM&QA)

The project load is nearly equally divided between these entities.
Project stages and disciplines form the project activities matrix. Table 1 shows how this matrix is covered by the current CP version. As seen, it does not cover the mechanical part of Detail Design, so the latter is wholly represented by C&I and electrical design, or simply CI&E. Detail mechanical design accounts only for 20% of the project workload and is still covered by graphics-driven CAD software.

Table 1: PE&M coverage by the current version of CP
(F – full, P – partial, N – not yet implemented, colored cell – not applicable)

  Project-Plant lifecycle stages
Disciplines Conceptual Design Engineering Detail Design Procurement Commissioning O&M
Process P F   F F F
C&I   F P P F F
Electrical   P P P F F
Mechanical     N N F F
Management     F P F  
QA     F P F  
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