CP is driven by Java - the most trusted and widely used language for mission-critical, enterprise-class systems. It shares all the advantages of industrial- strength applications - scalability, client authentication and authorization, data backup and protection, and multiple client concurrent operation.

CP uses the J2EE technology and three-tier architecture. Its standard components include EJB2.1 server, Web server, JMS server, RDBM database, and thin client interface implemented as JWS. The latter is automatically installed over internet and keeps itself updated on client workstations, and requires neither administration nor customization.
The servers and database implementations are Oracle OC4J and Apache Derby RDBMS. The database may be safely and quickly exported to any other database the user is accustomed to work with.

CP strictly follows best traditions and canons of the object-oriented programming. Most of CP data objects are tree structures. This is a challenge for net-deployed programs as such objects transmission is inherently slow and they consume a lot of memory. Branch cutting, transaction optimization and heavy usage of asynchronous programming make CP fast and light.

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