Recently I came across an open position posted on Linkedin by one of the engineering firms. The job description and requirements are well phrased, succinct and very tough. Personally I am not acquainted with anybody who can match them except for…well, Crenger? Stupid, it's not a man – it is a computer!  But is there any difference now in Digital Age when we already did away with all moral and ethical scruples about the man-to-robot transition? 

So let's see how the computer easily eats for breakfast all the superman-targeted job requirements (JR) from that post.

JR. Direct and coordinate activities related to engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracting processes for mechanical equipment implemented at desalination and water treatment plants.

Crenger is a collaboration platform for all activities (including bidding and procurement) related to EPC projects tailored to water treatment and desalination plants boosting productivity and quality by a factor of over 10.

JR. Present technical sales solutions for desalination and water treatment plants to new and existing customers.

With Crenger users may browse the technical solutions wrapped into FEED packages online 24x7. (FEED is Front End Engineering and Design)

JR. Support the regional business directors and managers in techno-commercial discussions with customers.

Crenger tracks customer-company discussions (question and answers) and outstanding issues online. Questions may be tied to specific item or document of the project, or to the project schedule activity.

JR. Manage market positioning activities to generate competitive advantages in sales leads and EPC project opportunities.

Crenger brute force, supersonic speed and activities transparency are killer advantages no client can resist.

JR. Support EPC contract proposal processes, communication between engineering solution managers, and technical clarification processes for proposals.

Crenger as a virtual engineering platform makes communication between all project stakeholders trivial. It takes only 40 web-man-hours to produce the project FEED package. Crenger is the best in creating temporary international teams, which may work alternately 24x7.

JR. Support decision making processes with respect to sales strategy, EPC contract pricing, and commercial terms for complex, multi-phase desalination and water treatment plant engineering projects.

Crenger executes the project risks assessment in the background and auto-creates full contract pricing based only on the selected engineering decisions.

JR. Identify EPC project resource needs.

Crenger auto-creates project detailed schedule with the resources daily loads.

JR. Establish EPC project priorities and expedite technical review of engineering plans and specifications submitted by contractors.

Crenger has powerful approval framework; it auto-tracks project P&ID, specification, purchase orders, OEM submittals, schedule activities completeness and alerts stakeholders on completion or delay or problem.

JR. Coordinate and attend engineering review meetings.

Crenger's project web dashboard makes engineering review meeting redundant. The project progress may be tracked on-line 24x7. Crenger alerts the engineers of deviations or design misses.

JR. Participate in administration of engineering change orders.

Crenger not only records change order but tries assessing the technical scope of the change and the project schedule impact.

JR. Serve as the focal point for all EPC issues between the general contractor and the project team.

Crenger provides protected web access to the project for contractors and subcontractors.

JR. Provide engineering guidance to on-site technical teams.

Crenger auto-generates full set of commissioning documentation for mechanical completion phase (verification, testing, calibration, and pre-qualification).

JR. Requires domestic and international travel.

Crenger is internet - centered and omnipresent.

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