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Cloud is the force behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution underway. It breaks the partitions between different disciplines and technologies, and opens unprecedented innovation opportunities. Emerging new technologies with a variety of business models - cloud technology platforms - process volumes of information 10 times bigger and faster than traditional businesses do. More information means smarter decisions and better quality of services and products and faster adaptability to perpetually changing business landscape.

Crenger is a cloud technology platform for water treatment and desalination. It is essentially Socio-Technical and Generic: it implements the best canons of Systems Engineering.

Crenger is in development which already passed such milestones as Knowledge Base, Business Automation, Project-Plant Lifecycle, Users Experience Tracking, OEM Tracking and others. It is a friendly and truly intelligent environment without learning curve, creating an illusion of simplicity in the face of essential complexity.

Crenger is a Collaboration Platform where everyone may seamlessly plug into any project or task from any location. Crowd Engineers or simply Crengers hold the future of industrial engineering.

Crenger hosts multiple engineering disciplines and different management systems under the same roof, synchronizes their interaction and perpetually extends their functionality in a plugged-in manner. Crenger is designed to default to the engineering solutions most commonly applied in water treatment and desalination industry, that have a high probability of meeting the project objectives. Being internet-centered, Crenger paves the way to effective virtual concurrent engineering and collaboration in the multinational megaprojects, never seen in real life.

Crenger drastically changes the way people used to think and work, job assignments and responsibilities, boosts the level of each and everyone's expertise, and clears the room for more challenging problems.

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