Nearly all of these applications are simplified versions of the plugins built into Crenger.


CRENFEED guides you through the megaproject FEED request
It takes only 4 steps to create high quality project specification, containing the input data for the project FEED package. arrow to continue


DESALER helps you create the modular desalination unit specification.
This application allows the user to quickly specify the RO desalination unit and select the experienced manufacturers for the quotation requests. arrow to continue


CRENMARKS leverages the experience of others.
It is a search engine for bookmarks carefully selected by the industry experts. The bookmarks are categorized to the best industry practices and their usage is tracked by CRENGER to optimize the user experience. The user may take part in creating this data by downloading and installing the Chrome extension CRENMARKS. arrow to continue


OEMSE is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) search engine.
Unlike many general-purpose engines, it uses technical terminology describing the construction and the process in which the equipment searched for is used. The engine gives you a hint for most popular selections. In addition you may score your past experience with particular manufacturer (from full satisfaction to complete miss). We plan to extend this engine to the engineering services providers. arrow to continue


OEMSUV runs an OEM survey and selects the best.
OEM Selector collects and processes the vendor data covering broad range of subjects like company management, quality system, product design and development, handling non-conformities, sub-vendors selection and risk management. arrow to continue


OEMRATE allows you to leave feedback on OEM and rate their performance.
Your feedback is important in helping other buyers assess products and suppliers. arrow to continue


EQUINS is an equipment inspection report editor.
This applications allows one to quickly create inspection and testing reports and share them with the project team on the internet and track easily outstanding issues. arrow to continue


ASKEXPERT is the best way to tap into other user's experience and knowledge. You may ask questions related to your projects and Crenger or browse existing similar data. Through questions you may trigger great ideas and identify our own weak spots. Or become an expert.. arrow to continue


QAGER runs quizzes for water treatment & desalination projects.
It is a first step towards eCertification and eTraining - future plugin to Crenger. Its objective is to cut short the training expenses in the EPC contractor budget. By our estimate, these expenses are 20 - 30% and on the steep rise now. eCertification will cover everything from basics to practical skills. arrow to continue


PROSPEC handles project documenation ordering.
This application is a must for the project contractors outsourcing everything that comes after a project award - modern approach gaining momentum. Engineering documentation is a critical part of any desalination or water treatment project scope. To avoid its creep as a result of the documentation incompleteness, Crenger offers this minimum documentation scope generator. You may order any scope document from Crenger. arrow to continue


SPECMAN is a specifications manager.
This application is for creating, editing, navigating and printing and streaming the project specifications. arrow to continue


DRAWSTOCK is a royalty-free stock of engineering sketches, symbols, P&IDs, icons, and templates for nameplates, electrical and wiring diagrams. All these graphic files (in Adobe Illustrator and AutoCad formats) relate to water treatment and desalination projects. The user may as well contribute her graphic works to DrawStock if it meets the Crenger standard terms and conditions. arrow to continue


BIDNOBID is a right start for bidding.
Evaluating customer tender enquiries and deciding whether to bid or not to bid is complex and time consuming process. This BIDNOBID app runs Bid/No-Bid survey and, after analyzing the results, gives unequivocal answer whether risks are too high to participate in bidding or not. arrow to continue


PRIGE makes the engineer and the manufacturer expectations meet.
It is an application for recording, retrieving and comparing the prices for the equipment pieces and systems. These reference price database is equally important for the project engineers and for the OEM - original equipment manufacturers. The first will have a solid basis for the project costs estimation, while the latter - an entry-level price target not to miss. To promote free exchange of equipment prices and make the user feel at ease, all records are anonymous - tied neither to the user nor to OEM. arrow to continue


QUESTO helps you sell or lease your unused equipment for water treatment and desalination. The items should be well documented to reliably track their history. arrow to continue


OPLAN is a desalination plants open directory.
If you have an information, you may share it here for the benefit of us all. Unlike the commercial counterpart, it is free for use. It introduces a general template and scope for the plant data presentation on the web. We think it is a reasonable compromise between the openness of such EPC contractors like GS Inima, Sadyt, and Doosan posting sufficient description of their projects and a closeness of other top-class contractors sharing little if any technical details. Obviously, for customers researching the desalination options the latter group is at a disadvantage. The plant directory allows you to add details about intake, pretreatment and posttreatment by a number of clicks. As well, you may add any textual and graphical materials related to the plant. arrow to continue


CRECO writes the user resume.
Today we do not trust resume as it is stuffed with desired keywords and LinedIn recommendations (to add some skills we have never practiced). As Crenger tracks and records each and every movement and touch of the user, it is reasonable to ask it to compile the user resume with ratings, strong points and projections. This is what CRECO Resume Compiler does. arrow to continue


CREPT is for project tendering & procurement.
Currently only the project order packages are automatically exposed to the contractors through the web interface. To download the package the contractor shall register, create her/his profile and be prequalified. In a near future CREPT will be extended to all outsourced project works and subsystems. CREPT will eventually supplant the email-based private tendering system Crenger started with. arrow to continue


CRUN is a suite of engineering calculators with input-output sensitivity analyzer.
All these calculators have been used in real projects. arrow to continue